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A value system that puts faith, morality and character at its core.
The Vision Ahead
A 21st Century School with a blended approach to education which makes traditional and modern student-driven learning readily accessible to anyone who cares to apply themselves – despite their life circumstances. A culture of learning which recognizes all the key influencers in a young learner’s life, challenges those influencers to play their part to the full and supports them in a vibrant community setting. A value system that puts faith, morality and character at its core, sets learning, growth and personal excellence as its key goals, seeks & develops purpose as the guiding light into the future.
BeyondU Education
Our Mission
Our desire is to see education in Malaysia morph over the years ahead into a practical proposition that sets our future generations up for a rapidly changing global landscape. We want to see Malaysia become a learning nation, to put learning into the hands of each and every child from any walk of life, to enable each child to search out their future for themselves within a support systen designed for them to reach their full potential. BeyondU Education will set a new standard in learning. Focusing on the heart and the vision of the learner, we will light a fire of hunger that not only shows anything is possible for those who want to change their world, but also sees that reality come about.

Our Beliefs

What We Believe Becomes Our Culture
We believe in lifelong learning. The inevitable sands of time that push us all forward demand a learning response to gain and give the most in life.
We believe that all learners have a role to play in society, and a purpose for being alive! We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and yet the solidarity of humankind to work for the common good; that each individual is gifted uniquely, and that with guidance they will find their passions in life. When this is achieved, learning motivation is not only restored but proven to be second nature where meaningful missions are in sight.
We believe the family unit has the biggest single impact on a person’s life. Good education can help to compensate for learners with challenging home lives but, really, it should build on a positive learning environment within the home. We will encourage & support the families of BeyondU Education in anyway we can, not just to preserve the family unit but to leverage on its amazing power to contribute at all levels in society. 
Perhaps second only to parents, we believe in the essential requirement that a true educator is such not by their words alone, but by the inspiration they engender through the quality of their learning lifestyle. A love of humanity, especially children, and a desire to see others reach their full potential set good Mentors apart from others.
Our strong desire to build a learning community reflects our belief that community plays a key role in paving a pathway down which learners can tread to success. Community creates opportunity for learner development in collaboration, problem solving, social awareness and so much more. Hence, community is both the playground of progression and the final bastion of defence against an ever-changing social culture that constantly challenges and tests human morality in so many ways. We want to see that become a positive reality in the lives of our learners.
Learning “HOW” at BeyondU Education
Built on the modern understanding that learners learn in different ways and develop at different rates, 7 pillars support our learning & teaching practices. Each approach provides a different learning experience, enabling learners to benefit from the diversity of learning styles that exist today. Technology plays a key role is this, as does the learning of how to master technology rather than have it master you. Methodologies include:

  • Mastery Learning
  • Personalised Learning Tracks
  • Peer and group collaboration
  • Real-world Project-Based Learning
  • Socratic Inquiry and Critical Thinking
    Classroom Extension
  • 21st Century Apprenticeships
BeyondU Education
An Adaptive Learning Environment
A blend of old & new, trailblazing education into the future.
Learning “WHAT” at BeyondU Education
3 main elements occupy the mind, heart and daily life of a learner at BeyondU Education. These elements address the character, knowledge, and gifts that together lay the foundation upon which a learner’s future will be built.

  • Element 1 – Spheres of Learning
  • Element 2 – Curriculum Subjects & Exams
  • Element 3 – Talent Streams
Life at BeyondU Education
One of our principle goals at BeyondU is to improve the quality of life of our learners. This can be achieved in a few different ways.

  • Less time spent at school, more time spent with family, playing, and being children.
  • Less time running around from class to class, more time focused on learning.
  • Less time resisting learning, more time wrestling with learning.
  • Less time falling asleep in class, more time sleeping.

Our academic calendar and weekly timetables are designed to achieve this.

BeyondU Education
The Founders
A self-educated, self-made edupreneur and visionary with a passion to see education in Malaysia catch up to (and maybe even overtake!) what is happening in other key regions – Martin was born in Singapore, raised in the UK, and has lived and worked in Asia for the last 18 years. His first life season brought him success in financial sales and marketing, leading sizeable teams and managing substantial assets in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. He became a popular public speaker as well as innovating solutions in his industry that were years ahead of his time and have since become accepted norms.
A radical intervention in his life which led to marriage, relocation to China and a call to serve God in a new way finally led to Martin settling in Malaysia in 2005 where he forged a new direction in education.
As a father of one teenage daughter and many more whom he loves and cares for as such, his ability to connect with learners to instil self-belief, inspire their best efforts, and fire up their imaginations is also what makes him tick.
“No one is ever self-made or self-educated. Our very existence is the handiwork of God, our wisdom comes straight from His heart through our open ears, and we become who we are at the hands of all those we ever encounter in life; that includes our educators.”
“I never knew then that being robbed of education through family breakdown would make me richer and more passionate as an educator than I could possibly imagine. I learnt the hard way that education has little to do with schooling and lots to do with desire. So even though we call BeyondU a 21st Century School, really it’s a melting pot of passion mixed with fire where futures are forged in a hothouse of burning hearts and minds eagerly exploring the world they live in, in search of their place in it.”
“My favourite education quote? ‘I never let my schooling get in the way of my education!’
Mark Twain.”

Martin Hansell, Co-Founder

Born and bred an Ipoh girl, Jessica carries an extensive range of experience in industry and in education. Trained in accounting and computing she honed her skills in Malaysia before embarking on a 17-year journey starting in Hong Kong as a professional consultant, then in China as regional IT Director for a well known MNC in charge of multimillion-dollar budgets and teams to go with that.
A miraculous life-changing intervention which led to marriage and family brought Jessica back to Malaysia where she accepted the call on her life to redirect her attention towards education.
A true mother at heart, with the grit, compassion and resourcefulness that make her the passionate educator she is today, she has both homeschooled her own daughter from early childhood and taught and devised curriculum from a full range of subjects in both home-based and formal environments.
“I began considering teaching as my profession when I realised that I have the potential to become an excellent educator after homeschooling my own daughter for several years.”
“I have been teaching children from preschool up till nine years old for the last seven years.  I greatly enjoy interacting with my students, seeing their progress and having the wonderful privilege of being part of their lives.  I hope that, in getting to know them from such a tender age, I am able to have a positive influence on their educational journey.”
Jessica is a stalwart in education these days, serving as both founder and amazing lead member of our team.
“My favourite education quote? ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.’

Albert Einstein”

Jessica Low, Co-Founder

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